Ledrosteel Wallcover - Electro- welded panel system - Ledrosteel Box - Structural and architectural cage in electro-welded mesh

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Ledrosteel Wallcover
Electro- welded panel system for wall cladding

Ledrosteel Wallcover is a system of panels anchored to the wall for a quick and economical coating of concrete walls giving it a drywall effect. The system is made up of panels with rapid assembly in electro-welded wire mesh, 100% recyclable, anchored to the wall behind by means of brackets and tie-rods.

The solidity and sturdiness, given by the double-wire 6 mm diameter construction system with a 50 x 200 mm mesh, allows it to be filled even with mechanical means.

The system of L-shaped folding panels makes it easy and quickly to mount and fill the building site without height limits.
Ledrosteel Wallcover
Available dimensions:
depth 20 cm, lengths of 200 cm
(can be shortened every 5 cm),
heights 100 cm (adaptable every 20 cm).
Recommended stone 60-120 mm.

Fields of application:
wall cladding.
Available Documentation:
1) Ledrosteel Wallcover Catalog  
2) Assembly Instructions

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