GJM Steel box - Rigid architectural cage - Structural and architectural cage in electro-welded mesh

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GJM Steel Box
Rigid architectural cage, liftable filled  with a suitable comb
The GJM Steel Box gabion is ideal for the construction of dry wall structures. The cage is a box- structure, made with quick-fit panels in electro-welded wire mesh, 100% recyclable that integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The solidity and strength, given by the single-wire 6 mm diameter construction system with a 20 x 200 mm mesh, allows the gabion to be moved full of stones, suitably compacted in the factory, with appropriate certified lifting accessories.

Thanks to the patented GJM system, it is possible to overlap several cages up to a height of 200 cm in complete safety.
Ledrosteel Box
Available sizes:
heights from 50 - 100 cm,
fixed depth of 25 cm and standard lengths
from 100 - 200 cm (it can be shortened every 2 cm).
The narrow mesh allows the use of stones with a diameter of 30-60 mm.

Fields of application:
fence walls, separation walls, acoustic and visual barriers and urban furniture.
Available Documentation:
1) GJM Steel Box Catalog (folder)
2) Assembly Instructions (folder)

3) Mesurement pillars on site  

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