Ledrosteel box - Rigid structural cage with CE marking - Ledrosteel Box - Structural and architectural cage in electro- welded mesh

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Ledrosteel Box
Rigid structural cage with CE marking, liftable filled  with a suitable comb

The Ledrosteel gabion, CE marked and compliant with ETA 17/0059 normative, is a box- structure, made with quick-fitting panels in electro-welded wire mesh, highly draining, 100% recyclable.

Thanks to its sturdiness, given by the construction system with double wire diameter 6 mm Galfan alloy , the gabion can be moved full of stones, suitably compacted in the factory, with appropriate certified lifting accessories.

In emergency mode, with the Ledrosteel system, it is possible to obtain daily productions of over 200 cubic meters per day.
Available sizes:
heights from 50 to 100 cm,
depth from 50 to 100 cm and
lengths from 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 cm.
Cage mesh 200 x 50 mm suitable for stones with a diameter of 90-180 mm.

Fields of application:
urgent sums, natural stone walls, support slopes and river banks.
Ledrosteel Box
Available Documentation:
1) Ledrosteel Box Catalog (folder)
2) Assembly Instructions (folder)
3) Type Section Exemplary (folder)

5) EAD  
6) DOP Ledrosteel Box  
7) Certificate of Conformity  
8) Technical Data Sheet C-50  

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