Korb Kultur box - Rigid architectural cage - Structural and architectural cage in electro-welded mesh

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Korb Kultur Box
Rigid architectural cage, filled on site
The Korb Kultur Box gabion is ideal for the construction of dry wall structures. The cage is a box- structure, made with quick-mounting panels in electro-welded wire mesh, 100% recyclable that integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The solidity and strength, given by the double-wire 6 mm diameter and construction system with a 50 x 200 mm mesh, allows the gabion to be filled even with mechanical means.

The system of L-shaped folding panels makes it easy and quickly to mount and fill on site.
Korb Kultur Box
Available dimensions:
depth 25 cm, lengths 100 and 200 cm
(can be shortened every 5 cm),
heights already available 100-120-140-160-180-200 cm.
Recommended stone 60-120 mm.

Fields of application:
fence walls, separation walls, acoustic and visual barriers and urban furniture.
Available Documentation:
1) Korb Kultur Box Catalog (folder)
2) Assembly Instructions (folder)

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